10 Fatigue Fighting Tips


10 Fatigue Fighting Tips

Self care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation

If you are struggling with fatigue, exhaustion, or particular illnesses like ME, fibromyalgia or MS, you may find that you become exhausted doing the things that you took for granted before – and you  may find yourself just living in survival mode.  When you are exhausted doing the simple things, this leaves no energy to do the things that are meaningful for you in life.

I would encourage you to listen to your body, and give your body the rest and time it needs until you are feeling well again.  You can help yourself by setting your life up in a way that conserves as much energy as possible, so you are spending your energy on the things that matter most and reducing fatigue in areas that are not your top priority.   Here are some simple practical tips that can help you save energy in day to day life:

1.   Online Shopping

Order your grocery shopping online.  Once online shopping is set up, you can save regular items in your basket, and can update it at your convenience, and have it delivered every week or fortnightly.  

2. Buy cards in advance

Buy a load of birthday cards every so often, so you don’t end up going out to shop at the last minute

3. Go Technology free

If you are resting, turn your phone/computer/TV off.  Watching TV stimulates your mind and you are not maximising the rest time.  You could meditate instead or if you must do something, listen to an audio book or podcast.  Put ear plugs and eye mask on if you need to.  The less stimulation, the deeper rest your body will get.

4. Don’t dry your hair

Wash your hair in the evening, just spray some sea salt spray on it and go to bed, letting your hair dry overnight.  Drying with the hairdryer uses up a lot of energy because of holding the hair dryer up, and also the noise can be a problem for some people.  If you must dry your hair, dry it upside down, (this saves you having to hold your arm up).

5. Dry Shampoo

Use this amazing invention when you really need to save time and energy.

6. Rest while you work

If you have computer work to do,  lie down on the sofa or on the bed and invest in a laptop table.  This way your body can rest while you work.

7. Healthy convenience food

Its tempting to eat junk food because its more convenient when you are so exhausted.  But there are some healthy convenient choices if you feel too exhausted to spend time cooking.  For example oatmeal (you can add anything you want to it – fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, seeds, honey) eggs on toast, baked potato.  If you have the energy to cook, buy vegetables that are already prepared, and don’t be afraid to buy frozen veg.  When you are feeling a little better cook in bulk and freeze portions for those times that you are too tired to cook.

8. Regular breaks

Pace yourself.  Write your ‘to do’ list at the start of each day, and try to get some rest between each task, instead of doing it all at once and then feeling exhausted at the end of it.

9. Mutual support with children

If you have children, try to find some other parents who you can find support from.  If you know and trust a few other people with your child, you will be able to help them out with their kids and vice versa.

10. Maximise your energy

Utilise the time of the day that you are at your best.  For example if you are a morning person – you have the most energy and are most alert in the morning, schedule your most challenging tasks for this time of day.  Other tasks that you find easier and don’t need to think as hard to complete, do these later.  And vice versa if you are an evening person.

10 Fatigue Fighting Tips
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